What Color is That Shirt ? There’s an App for That

colored shirtsOver the past several years, a number of mobile applications have been developed that can identify colors and speak the information aloud to the user. This is great for those who have trouble seeing, are color blind, or just cannot tell the difference between their black and navy pants. We found a couple that seem interesting.   [Read more…]

Connections Found to Keratoconus

A recent publication in Ophthalmology detailed the results of a retrospective longitudinal cohort study that matched 16,053 patients with keratoconus to a control group with no history of the disease. The purpose of the study, conducted in conjunction with the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Michigan Medical School, was to determine if an association exists between keratoconus, sociodemographic factors, and common systemic diseases.  [Read more…]

Awareness Can Lead to Action: SJS Awareness Month

Imagine keeping vigil all alone at the hospital bedside of your 10-month-old as she struggles to survive. You’ve just been told by medical staff that she has developed a severe disease that you have never heard of and you are unable to find any substantial information about this illness. You are grief-stricken and do not even know where to turn for support or information. [Read more…]

Proper Hygiene and Prosthetic Device Care Critical for Preventing Infections

PD on finger closeup - BT -WM-L 20130111Previously, we highlighted research in which scientists are uncovering novel ways to fight eye infections. In that post, we touched on some general guidelines for preventing infections and recommended some basic hygiene practices. However, this topic is so important to our community members who have serious eye conditions and use BostonSight® PROSE devices, that this week we are covering the topic of eye infections and prevention in more detail. BostonSight PROSE patients, or those who wear contact lenses, may be especially prone to infections; therefore, practicing good hygiene and following device care instructions are critical to maintaining healthy eyes, as they are more at risk for serious infections.

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Protecting your Eyes Around Fireworks

FireworksOne of the best things about summer is the fireworks on Independence Day! Many towns and cities spend tens of thousands of dollars to provide a beautiful – and hopefully safe – spectacle. Unfortunately, thousands of people suffer ocular injuries every year due to fireworks and, according to a 2015 report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, this number has doubled in the last three years. [Read more…]

Eye Health Benefits of Anthoxanthins

potatoes“Eat the Rainbow” is a common mantra of the nutrition-savvy as a way to encourage everyone to ensure they are getting enough essential nutrients in their diet. The more variety of colored foods you consume, the greater variety of nutrients in your diet. However, one overlooked piece of this visual reminder is an essential component of good nutrition as well:  the color white. While many people think of whites as simple starches with poor nutritional benefits, such as pasta, white bread, or pastries, white-colored fruits and vegetables are essential for good health and have benefits for the eyes. [Read more…]

BostonSight-affiliated Med Students Earn Ophthalmology Residencies!

Hearty congratulations to Joshua Agranat, Hong-Gam Le, and Christos Theophanous, all of whom were recently accepted into Ophthalmology residency programs. Ophthalmology residencies are extremely competitive, and only a small percentage of medical school students who apply are selected.

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Wavefront Technologies Utilized for More Accurate Vision Correction

wavefront technologyWavefront optic technology was developed by astronomers to obtain clearer, less distorted views of planets and stars. Eye care professionals are now successfully adopting this technology in order to address their patients’ complex vision disorders. Potentially, this new approach could dramatically change the way in which eye care providers diagnose and treat many vision issues. [Read more…]

BostonSight PROSE Treatment – Impact at Five Years

Josh AgranatJoshua S. Agranat (pictured), a Boston University School of Medicine student (graduating in May 2016), frequent BostonSight collaborator, and future ophthalmologist, served as first author on a recent publication in the British Journal of Ophthalmology entitled Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem: Impact at 5 Years. The publication is based on a retrospective review, of clinical, manufacturing, and quality databases at BostonSight®, which sought to examine the long-term effectiveness of BostonSight PROSE treatment. [Read more…]

Tips for Limiting your Exposure to Seasonal Allergens

pollen in the air LRHere in New England, the snow has melted away and there are signs of new life all around us. Birds, bugs, and buds on the trees; and flowers blooming everywhere you look. With all of the beauty of spring, however, comes the discomfort and even pain of seasonal allergies.

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