White Cane Day Event in Massachusetts

To commemorate International White Cane Day, the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind invites you to join them in celebration on Friday, October 14, at the Grand Staircase of the State House in Boston (intersection of Beacon and Park Streets) from 10:00am until Noon. White Cane Day promotes increased awareness of the significance of white canes and the importance of pedestrian and motorist laws to improve the safety of people with impaired vision who use long canes and guide dogs for greater mobility.

Beginning in 1931, the Lions Club introduced white canes to identify people who are visually impaired and thereby increase their visibility to motorists and fellow pedestrians as a means to improve their safety. In our state, the Massachusetts White Cane Law states that all motorists, when they see a pedestrian who uses a dog guide or a white cane at a street crossing, must come to a complete stop.

For more information about this event, please call the Orientation and Mobility Department at the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind at 617-626-7581 or 800-392-6450 Ext. 7581.

We hope that you will join in this local celebration of White Cane Law to recognize the independence of white cane users and raise awareness of the Massachusetts White Cane Law. For those of you who live outside the Boston metro area, please let us know how your community marked White Cane Day.