Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation Aims to Shorten Time to Diagnosis

The Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation (SSF) has recently launched a campaign with the goal of reducing the time to diagnose Sjögren’s by 50% within 5 years. Sjögren’s Syndrome, a systemic autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks its own moisture-producing glands, affects as many as 4 million Americans with an estimated additional 3 million more cases undiagnosed.

Although early diagnosis and treatment are beneficial for quality of life and prevention of long-term complications, diagnosis takes an average of 5 years for most patients. Many in our BFS community can likely attest to the length of time and number of health-care visits involved before receiving an accurate diagnosis of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Not only can the illness be difficult to accurately pinpoint, but lack of awareness has also contributed to the time lag between symptom onset and diagnosis.

The SSF is taking action in their current campaign to address the obstacles to accurate and timely diagnosis. They invite you to get involved in support of their efforts to help them achieve this ambitious goal through three primary initiatives:

  • Increasing public awareness through targeted communications to the community and utilizing volunteer Awareness Ambassadors
  • Increasing involvement from SSF friends and partners in the community and health-care industry to help spread the word about Sjögren’s
  • Increasing education and awareness among healthcare professionals by participating at professional conferences, speaking at professional associations, and visiting one-on-one with physicians

Stay up to date on this campaign by checking in with SSF’s blog, visiting their web site, or contacting the foundation for more information. The SSF envisions a future where Sjögren’s is taken more seriously by the medical community and general public, helping all patients.

Please share your experiences with Sjögren’s and ways that you have helped increase awareness within your community or with your health-care providers.


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