Mobile Apps for Health

Smartphones and mobile applicationsThe proliferation of mobile electronics and their corresponding applications have provided us fast and easy access to a vast quantity of information as well as functional tools to help manage our lives. As we celebrate the beginning of 2012 with resolutions to live healthier lifestyles, look no further than your mobile device for help in achieving those goals.

According to a recent study from the Society for Participatory Medicine, at present there are about 17,000 health-care apps designed for the sole purpose of improving personal health. For people with chronic or serious illnesses, tracking health-care and medical information is vital for controlling their conditions and contributing to improved health. Apps can allow patients to take a more active role in their healthcare and become more educated and empowered.

Health-care apps of all types can be found by searching the app store pertaining to your mobile device. Apps are downloadable for free or at minimal cost. If you have a visual impairment, the display and type size on many of these apps can be modified for easier readability.

If you haven’t yet tried a health-care app or are just getting started with a new mobile device, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the app choices. You might want to begin by querying your health-care providers, networking with others who share your health condition, or just test out free apps or those available on a trial basis for no cost.

To give you an idea of what types of health-care management apps are available, here are a few popular ones that have been highly rated by consumers and health-care professionals.


A scheduling tool that is easy to create, read, and update for maintaining medication schedules. Email or text message reminders can be set as well as refill notifications.

Cancer.Net Mobile Application

Covering over 120 cancer types, this oncologist-approved app from the American Society of Clinical Oncology helps patients with cancer manage their cancer treatments. Users can save information about medications, side effects of treatment, symptoms, and even maintain an ongoing list of questions to ask at their next appointment. In addition, the app provides automatic updates on the latest information about treating and living with cancer.

Pain Care Mobile Application

By providing the means for patients with chronic pain to accurately track their pain over time, patients are able to communicate more effectively with their health-care providers to maximize the outcomes of medical treatments. The data collected by the app is clinically relevant and can be analytically presented to help physicians make faster, more accurate treatment decisions.


Developed by two ER Physicians, iTriage helps consumers make better health-care decisions. With iTriage, you can look up symptoms you are experiencing to narrow down the specific type of provider you might need to get the best care for your symptoms. At your fingertips is a directory of the nearest health-care facilities, whether an emergency room, urgent care clinic, or physician’s office. Information on common diseases and procedures is also included for reference.

These are just a few of the many apps available for helping you manage your health.