Empowered Patient Coalition

Knowledge is power. That’s a statement we’ve all heard many times but age and life experiences often reveal the truthfulness of this trite expression. In particular, knowledge can be extremely powerful when someone is confronted with a serious or life-threatening health condition.

An empowered patient is one who exerts a considerable degree of control over decisions and actions that affect overall health. Research indicates that the first step to empowerment is access to relevant and adequate health-care information. In addition, coordinated care among medical professionals, patients, and their advocates is essential to the patient empowerment process. Empowered patients contribute toward better quality of care, improved patient safety, and reduction in adverse medical events.

The Empowered Patient Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping patients and their advocates improve the quality and safety of their healthcare. Their mission is to provide the tools, strategies, and support for patients to become fully engaged medical consumers in order to positively impact their safety and the quality of care they receive.

Through their website, the Empowered Patient Coalition provides:

If you are currently undergoing treatment for an illness or facing an upcoming medical procedure, check out the Empowered Patient Coalition website to get started on your way to becoming a well-informed medical consumer and improve the quality of care you deserve.