Finding Financial Assistance for Medications

medicinesLife-threatening and chronic illnesses present many complications, including unexpected financial burdens. We’ve compiled a list of resources on our BFS website that may be helpful for dealing with financial difficulties resulting from health-care expenses. 

An organization that we added to the financial resources list is Patient Assistance. This nonprofit resource helps connect patients to over 1,000 programs that provide free or reduced-cost prescription medications. Pharmaceutical companies offer Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) to those who cannot afford their prescribed medications. Patients who do not have prescription coverage, lack health-insurance, are underinsured, or have low-income may be eligible for prescription medication assistance.

To get started with searching the Patient Assistance database, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. Your account allows you to access program information by drug name. Each program identified will include:

  • Summary and detailed information
  • Contact address, website, phone, and fax
  • Enrollment forms and links
  • Tips for program application

The information provided for each program will allow you to complete the application process efficiently. For more information on how the Patient Assistance database works, an overview of the programs, and general information on PAP eligibility requirements and application procedures, consult the Patient Assistance FAQ page.