Replacements for Unisol 4

Unisol B SmithThe doctors and staff at BostonSight®, and throughout the BostonSight PROSE Network, are committed to providing the best possible care to our BostonSight PROSE patients; this commitment includes keeping them up to date on any changes in prosthetic device use and care protocol. Since Unisol 4 was an important part of all PROSE patients’ daily routine, we did some research when we learned that it is being discontinued and are recommending the following products for replacement.

To fill your PROSE devices prior to application, we suggest using Sodium Chloride 0.9% vials for nebulization. This is a preservative free saline that comes in 3ml or 5ml vials. These can also be used to rinse your devices. An example is the AddiPak Sodium Chloride 0.9% vials.

You can contact your PROSE provider to request a prescription for the vials; however, they may not be covered by health insurance, as their use with prosthetic devices is considered “off-label”. If you have trouble filling this prescription, you can purchase the vials online at many locations, including CVS, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and the Dry Eye Shop. We found to be the least expensive. Click here for a box of 100 5ml vials for $12.50; they are the same price as the 3ml vials.

Another option is Purilens Plus. Purilens Plus is a chemical and preservative-free contact lens cleaning solution exclusively formulated for use with the PuriLens Plus Soft Contact Lens Cleaning/Disinfecting System. It is a sterile preservative-free saline solution buffered with boric acid and sodium borate. Our experience with Purilens Plus since October 2015 suggests it can be used as an alternative to Unisol in the rinsing and filling of the prosthetic devices used in PROSE treatment. It is not a standalone cleaner or disinfection solution; it does not substitute for nightly cleaning and disinfection. PuriLens Plus solution can be ordered directly from Purilens at This is the only product like this that we have been able to find, but will keep our BostonSight community informed of any developments.

If you are unable to get the recommended preservative free suggestions above, we suggest Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution for rinsing only. This solution contains preservatives and should not, under any circumstances, be used to fill prosthetic devices used in PROSE treatment. Also, if using this solution for rinsing, the prosthetic devices should be thoroughly rinsed with either PuriLens Plus or Sodium Chloride 0.9% inhalation vials prior to application. Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Eyes Plus Saline Solution can be found in many pharmacies, grocery stores, and online, i.e.

Do not hesitate to email a BostonSight technician by using our contact form at, with any further questions or concerns; and please let us know right away if you notice any irritation caused by the new products. Please note that this service is for BostonSight PROSE patients ONLY. If you are not a BostonSight PROSE patient, we will not be able to advise you; please contact the eye care provider who prescribed Unisol for your use.


  1. Please spread the word, PuriLens solution has the same make up as Unisol and same 4oz bottles. 1800 622 0777 or can be purchased through Amazon