What Color is That Shirt ? There’s an App for That

colored shirtsOver the past several years, a number of mobile applications have been developed that can identify colors and speak the information aloud to the user. This is great for those who have trouble seeing, are color blind, or just cannot tell the difference between their black and navy pants. We found a couple that seem interesting.  

  • Color ID Free is a free IOS application that uses your phone camera to identify colors and speak them in real-time.  The application will also tell you the hex value of the color, so you can easily find its exact match online.
  • ColoredEye can identify colors from a saved photo, or from the camera in real-time. Users of this free IOS app can choose between three color databases. The basic set includes 16 fundamental colors; users can choose either “Crayola” or “detailed” to have access to 134 colors.
  • Say Color is available for both IOS and Android. Users point their camera at an object, and the application reads aloud the name of the color that is nearest to the center. There is also a setting that will also speak the RGB values for the color, so it can easily be replicated online.

* Please note that BostonSight is not associated with these applications in any way, nor does it endorse or take responsibility for any of the content or functionality. This information is provided for the convenience of our blog readers.