Research Shows Adults Over 50 Not Getting the Nutrients Necessary for Eye Health

Variety of organic vegetables and fruits In our efforts to promote healthy eyes in our BFS community, we use Connected Visions to share current research findings on nutrition and its impact on eye health. A 2013 survey shows us that most Americans over age 50 are not getting the essential nutrients they need for healthy eyes. This segment of the population also lacks awareness of how critical good nutrition is to eye health. [Read more…]

Development of Corneal Cell Line Opens Doors for New Research

The human corneal endothelium is the inner layer of cells that make up the corneal surface. This cellular layer is tightly sealed, selectively pumping fluid out of the cornea. These corneal cells may be damaged by disease, surgical complications, or aging, which can result in visual loss or blindness. [Read more…]

Link Discovered Between Fibromyalgia and Dry Eye

Dry eye can result from many causes, including underlying conditions such as Stevens Johnson syndrome, Graft vs. Host disease, Sjögren’s syndrome, and others. Whatever the cause, the symptoms are the same and can occur to a degree that makes life unbearable. [Read more…]

Airline Cabin Air Negatively Impacts Dry Eye: Strategies for Coping

Airliner flying past the sun - in blue skyWhether for business or pleasure, most of us travel by airplane from time to time.  While airline flights are efficient for getting to distant locales, if you have dry eye or use BostonSight® PROSE devices, airline travel can present some challenges. A little extra planning and preparation before catching a flight out of town can help ensure a safe and comfortable vacation without interruption from eye health concerns.

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Keep Moving: Exercise Benefits Your Eyes

Men and women lifting barbell in gymThe benefits of regular exercise are numerous. Decades of research has shown that exercise is key to weight management, mental clarity, stress reduction, and disease prevention. More recent studies have shown a direct impact on eye health as well. Many of our BostonSight community members struggle with chronic and serious illnesses and we strive to be as healthy as we can be while managing these health conditions. In addition to BostonSight® PROSE treatment to overcome specific eye conditions, it’s important to maintain overall eye health as well. Regular exercise can optimize eye health and help prevent eye diseases.
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Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Healthy Eyes

Variety of organic vegetables and fruits Inflammation in the body has a positive role in helping to heal infections and injuries, but ongoing inflammation that is no longer needed for healing can have the opposite effect. Chronic inflammation can adversely impact health. Many of our BostonSight® PROSE patients struggle with health conditions in which inflammation plays a central role, including rheumatoid arthritis, Sjögren’s syndrome, graft vs. host disease, and Stevens Johnson syndrome. Dry eye disease can also be a direct result of inflammation. [Read more…]

Research Findings Clarify Benefits of Supplement Use for Eye Health

Person's hand holding an assortment of tablets and capsulesWe all strive to be as healthy as possible. For those of us with an eye health condition, managing symptoms and maintaining eye health are an important focus of our nutritional efforts and lifestyle choices. Many of our patients here at BostonSight use complementary nutritional therapies to supplement BostonSight® PROSE treatment.

Dietary supplements are typically one component of a nutritional regime to support eye health and help prevent future problems. Do these supplements really stack up to all of their claims? New results from a long-term, nationwide study indicate the benefits of supplements for reducing the prevalence of age-related blinding eye diseases.

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Swimming and Eye Safety this Summer

Family Under Water in Swimming PoolFor many children, and adults, summertime means swim time. Whether it’s a visit to the beach or a dip in the local pool, swimming can be a fun, inexpensive way to stay healthy and cool this summer.   [Read more…]

Vitamin D and Your Eyes

Vitamin D infographicsThe Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reliable and evidence-based information about vitamin D, notes that researchers consider lack of sufficient vitamin D to be pandemic. [Read more…]

Evidence Supports Increased Screening of Dry Eye Patients for Sjögren’s Syndrome

In 2012, the Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation (SSF) announced a major initiative to reduce the time it takes to receive a Sjögren’s diagnosis by 50%. At present, the average time from the onset of symptoms to diagnosis is over 5 years, which delays treatment and can lead to prolonged discomfort and increased complications for patients. [Read more…]