Eye Health Benefits of Anthoxanthins

potatoes“Eat the Rainbow” is a common mantra of the nutrition-savvy as a way to encourage everyone to ensure they are getting enough essential nutrients in their diet. The more variety of colored foods you consume, the greater variety of nutrients in your diet. However, one overlooked piece of this visual reminder is an essential component of good nutrition as well:  the color white. While many people think of whites as simple starches with poor nutritional benefits, such as pasta, white bread, or pastries, white-colored fruits and vegetables are essential for good health and have benefits for the eyes. [Read more…]

BostonSight-affiliated Med Students Earn Ophthalmology Residencies!

Hearty congratulations to Joshua Agranat, Hong-Gam Le, and Christos Theophanous, all of whom were recently accepted into Ophthalmology residency programs. Ophthalmology residencies are extremely competitive, and only a small percentage of medical school students who apply are selected.

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Wavefront Technologies Utilized for More Accurate Vision Correction

wavefront technologyWavefront optic technology was developed by astronomers to obtain clearer, less distorted views of planets and stars. Eye care professionals are now successfully adopting this technology in order to address their patients’ complex vision disorders. Potentially, this new approach could dramatically change the way in which eye care providers diagnose and treat many vision issues. [Read more…]

BostonSight PROSE Treatment – Impact at Five Years

Josh AgranatJoshua S. Agranat (pictured), a Boston University School of Medicine student (graduating in May 2016), frequent BostonSight collaborator, and future ophthalmologist, served as first author on a recent publication in the British Journal of Ophthalmology entitled Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem: Impact at 5 Years. The publication is based on a retrospective review, of clinical, manufacturing, and quality databases at BostonSight®, which sought to examine the long-term effectiveness of BostonSight PROSE treatment. [Read more…]

Tips for Limiting your Exposure to Seasonal Allergens

pollen in the air LRHere in New England, the snow has melted away and there are signs of new life all around us. Birds, bugs, and buds on the trees; and flowers blooming everywhere you look. With all of the beauty of spring, however, comes the discomfort and even pain of seasonal allergies.

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April is Women’s Eye Health Month

Bright Blue Eye Close UpWhile it is true that women and men are equal, deserving of equal rights and opportunities, when it comes to health issues, the two genders are not the same. Women are more likely to die after a heart attack, develop osteoarthritis, suffer a stroke, and show signs of depression and anxiety than are men. And in the United States, 64% of blind or visually impaired persons are women.

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Dr. Jacobs Promoted at Harvard Medical School

Deborah S. Jacobs, MDIt is with great pleasure we announce that BostonSight® Medical Director, Deborah S. Jacobs, MD, has been promoted to Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, part-time, at Harvard Medical School. A promotion from Assistant to Associate Professor is an indication of the scholarly and leadership impact that Dr. Jacobs has, on a national level, in her field of expertise. [Read more…]

Eye Wellness in the Workplace

eye strain from computer useMarch is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. No matter what your occupation, it is important to protect your eyes and your vision from damage, infection, and disease.  [Read more…]

Six New Sjogrens Syndrome Genes Identified

DNAAn international coalition of researchers, called the Sjögren’s Genetics Network (SGENE), announced a breakthrough finding in 2013 that is providing hope to Sjögren’s patients worldwide. This team, led by scientists at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, has identified six new genes specific to Sjögren’s syndrome. It is hoped that this discovery will lead to treatments targeting the underlying disease, not just the symptoms.

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Healthy Eyelashes for Healthy Eyes

eyelashesThe eyelashes and eyelids combine to form a defensive shield over the eye, working in conjunction to protect the delicate ocular surface. Lashes trigger a blink whenever a foreign particle, including dust and debris, approaches the eye; the blink reflex can also be triggered by wind and bright light.

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