Successful Steps for Managing Difficult Health Insurance Issues

Receiving a diagnosis of a serious or life-threatening illness is an extremely stressful situation. All too often, many patients are simultaneously faced with the additional anxiety presented by health insurance bureaucracy. Our friends at BMT InfoNet share their tips on dealing with health insurance challenges in a new 30-minute webcast:  Navigating the Insurance Maze (located under the Employment and Insurance subcategory). You can review the presentation online or download it to your computer or MP3 player.

In this webcast presented by Woody Connette, an attorney with extensive experience in this field of law, you will learn about:

  • Various types of health insurance
  • Alternatives for those who lack health insurance
  • Actions to take if your coverage is denied

By increasing your knowledge of consumer health-care rights and responsibilities, you can more smoothly navigate insurance challenges and ensure that you receive the coverage you deserve while minimizing your frustration.