Two Object Recognition Apps

taptapseeTapTapSee is a free camera application for IOS and Android for individuals who are visually impaired. Users simply double-tap the screen to take a photo of whatever is in front of them, and then the app will speak the description of what it “sees”. 

The TapTapSee app was awarded the American Foundation for the Blind 2014 Access Award, and is highly rated by customers. It is available in a number of different languages, including English, Spanish and Chinese. Visit the App Store to learn more or download.

Aipoly Vision app for IOS was launched in 2016. This utility application uses artificial intelligence to recognize objects at which the device is pointed. It is suitable for the fully sighted and the visually impaired.

The app can recognize a wide variety of objects, and has the ability to learn more as people use it.  Further, it can distinguish between more than 900 different colors! Users can also switch between different voice modes, to hear one or multiple words at a time. Additionally, the app has an “intelligent torch” feature that turns on when darkness is detected through the camera.

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