Stevens Johnson Syndrome: What Is It and Why Should We Be Informed?

Since many patients arrive at BostonSight for PROSE treatment to alleviate persistent ocular symptoms from Stevens Johnson syndrome, we see firsthand their daily struggles with the aftermath and feel strongly about our dedication to SJS support, advocacy, and education.
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BostonSight PROSE Treatment Videos Demonstrate Device Application and Removal

PROSEinsertionWe wanted to take a moment and remind you about the series of detailed videos that shows the application and removal process for BostonSight® PROSE devices, as well as prosthetic device care and handling techniques. These instructional videos demonstrate various application and removal strategies that suit the needs of any PROSE device user. They are a great source of information whether you are a prospective patient wanting to know in more detail what it’s like to use PROSE devices, a caregiver needing a refresher on techniques or device care, or a current patient interested in finding out about an alternate procedure for device application or removal. [Read more…]

Eye Health Problems among the Most Costly in U.S.

In the current national spotlight is much discussion and public debate about health-care costs and health insurance coverage. Our BFS community members who face the daily challenges of chronic and life-threatening illness know all too well the impact of high health-care costs. A report published by Prevent Blindness America sheds light on the steep financial burden that results specifically from eye health disorders. [Read more…]

Managing Your Personal Health Records for Effective Coordinated Care

A diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness brings with it a host of health-care appointments involving multiple specialists along with plenty of diagnostic tests, medications, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, and more. All of these complexities add up to an immense amount of data that can be important information for every health-care provider you consult throughout your health journey. [Read more…]

Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation Asks for Support for Mandatory Reporting System of Drug Reactions

SJS ribbonThe Stevens Johnson Syndrome Foundation is reaching out to our BostonSight® PROSE community to ask for help with promoting a citizen petition to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a Mandatory Reporting System of Adverse Drug Reactions. This is a great and easy way to add your voice in support of a cause that is important to so many in our BFS community whose lives have been impacted by Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). [Read more…]

Patient Airlift Services Changes Lives by Facilitating Access to Medical Care

The financial consequences of serious illness can be devastating for patients and their families. In addition to the costs for health-care appointments, medications, and supplies, patients sometimes require long-distance transportation in order to obtain specialized medical care.
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Dry Eye Severity Directly Linked with Decreased Reading Rates

readingReading is a critical life skill, essential for communicating with others, keeping up with the news, understanding instructions, succeeding at work, using a computer, or simply for enjoyment. Vision problems can seriously impede reading and make these necessary tasks extremely difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

Our BostonSight® PROSE patients with moderate to severe dry eye disease know firsthand the impact of their symptoms on their ability to read the printed word. In fact, a 2010 survey conducted by Boston Foundation for Sight found that 81% of survey respondents with severe dry eye reported difficulty reading regular print newspapers, magazines, or websites.  [Read more…]

Coping with the Anxiety and Depression That Can Accompany Serious Health Challenges

stress level conceptual meter indicating maximumDaily stresses are a normal part of everyone’s life. Add in a chronic or serious health problem to the mix and it can tip the balance to a level of stress and anxiety that feels almost unmanageable.

Eye problems can add to these negative feelings as they can cause changes in personal appearance, present difficulty with doing tasks previously performed with ease (e.g., reading, driving), prevent participation in leisure activities, create an unexpected financial burden, and also produce pain and discomfort. All of these factors can contribute greatly to anxiety and depression. How does one cope in the face of such obstacles?  [Read more…]

Website Helps Patients Connect and Share

Are you looking to connect with others who share your health concerns and to find new sources of information on treatment and research? We’d like to introduce you to one of the patient support websites that we added to the BFS patient resources list.

Patients Like Me is an online community with more than 150,000 members who want you to know that you are not alone, but one of many who share your health concerns, struggles, and triumphs. Over 1,000 health conditions are represented in this online community from common illnesses to extremely rare diseases.  [Read more…]

Empowered Patient Coalition

Knowledge is power. That’s a statement we’ve all heard many times but age and life experiences often reveal the truthfulness of this trite expression. In particular, knowledge can be extremely powerful when someone is confronted with a serious or life-threatening health condition.

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