Stevens Johnson Syndrome: What Is It and Why Should We Be Informed?

Since many patients arrive at BostonSight for PROSE treatment to alleviate persistent ocular symptoms from Stevens Johnson syndrome, we see firsthand their daily struggles with the aftermath and feel strongly about our dedication to SJS support, advocacy, and education.
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Adequate Selenium Levels Necessary for Eye Health

selinium - brazil nutsTo remain healthy, the human body requires a number of trace elements that must be obtained through diet. Selenium is one of these essential nutrients that is necessary for your body to function properly and that has also been shown to impact eye health.

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Eye Health Benefits of Anthoxanthins

potatoes“Eat the Rainbow” is a common mantra of the nutrition-savvy as a way to encourage everyone to ensure they are getting enough essential nutrients in their diet. The more variety of colored foods you consume, the greater variety of nutrients in your diet. However, one overlooked piece of this visual reminder is an essential component of good nutrition as well:  the color white. While many people think of whites as simple starches with poor nutritional benefits, such as pasta, white bread, or pastries, white-colored fruits and vegetables are essential for good health and have benefits for the eyes. [Read more…]

Wavefront Technologies Utilized for More Accurate Vision Correction

wavefront technologyWavefront optic technology was developed by astronomers to obtain clearer, less distorted views of planets and stars. Eye care professionals are now successfully adopting this technology in order to address their patients’ complex vision disorders. Potentially, this new approach could dramatically change the way in which eye care providers diagnose and treat many vision issues. [Read more…]

Eye Health Problems among the Most Costly in U.S.

In the current national spotlight is much discussion and public debate about health-care costs and health insurance coverage. Our BFS community members who face the daily challenges of chronic and life-threatening illness know all too well the impact of high health-care costs. A report published by Prevent Blindness America sheds light on the steep financial burden that results specifically from eye health disorders. [Read more…]

Biologic Medication Shows Potential for Easing Dry Eye Symptoms

Biologic medications have led to tremendous treatment improvements for people with serious illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. New research is now looking into whether these types of medications might be useful for treating eye conditions as well. A recent clinical trial examined the effect of a biologic agent on dry eye. [Read more…]

Possible Link Exists between Dry Eye and Migraines

Feeling awful headache.

Migraines alone can be painful enough but for those who suffer from these debilitating headaches plus dry eye, the pain is even greater. Recent discoveries into the connection between dry eye and migraine could lead to better diagnosis and management for those who experience both of these painful conditions.

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Blinking Promotes a Healthy Ocular Surface

Closeup of eyes winkingThroughout the day, the average person blinks about 15 times per minute. Blinking helps to keep the eyes healthy by distributing lubricating fluid from the lacrimal gland over the surface of the eye. This action also helps to provide essential nutrients to the eye surface. When eyes are irritated, extra tears are produced by the lacrimal glands and the additional fluid and blinking action help to flush out irritants. Research shows us that variations in blink rates, patterns, and strengths can have a significant impact on overall eye health and might even serve as an indicator of an underlying eye condition.

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Decreased Balance Found in People with Poor Vision

In the elderly population, accidental falls present a significant health hazard and can result in lasting disability or even death. Falls in the elderly are often attributed to declining vision. A recent study conducted at the UC Davis Health System Eye Center took a look at the larger adult population and found some interesting correlations between eyesight and the sense of balance[Read more…]

Scientists Show Good Bacteria Can Fight Eye Infections

red sore allergy eye

Eye infections can be very serious, leading to possible vision loss or other long-term complications if left untreated. If you already have a health condition that affects your eyes, it is even more important to take precautions to prevent infection and seek medical attention at the first sign of a possible infection. Contact lens and BostonSight® PROSE device wearers must be especially vigilant as they tend to be more susceptible to infections due to the frequency of handling lenses/prosthetics and touching the eyes. [Read more…]