Prescription Medications and Dry Eye Side Effects

dry-eye-photoNew pharmaceuticals and their generic counterparts are approved every week by the FDA. In fact, 2012 was a strong year, with 39 new drugs approved. While this is certainly great news for those whose health conditions can be better treated and managed with these new drugs or medication costs reduced with the approval of generic formulations, all prescription medications can produce side effects. For people with chronic or serious illnesses that require multiple daily prescription medications, the side effects can be compounded. What you may not realize, is that some of these side effects can significantly impact the eyes.  [Read more…]

Dry Eye Impacts to Productivity

red bloodshot eyeDry eyes are more than just uncomfortable; they impact our daily lives in many ways. Dry eyes decrease our enjoyment of and ability to participate in leisure pursuits, they can limit our ability to perform daily living activities, and they have a profound effect on our work productivity.

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Comparing the Effectiveness of Autologous Serum Drops and Artificial Tears

artificial tearsAutologous serum drops and artificial tears are both used for the treatment of dry eye as well as other corneal surface disorders. Although relatively new in practice, autologous serum drops are being more frequently utilized and studied with some positive outcomes reported. Some members of our BFS community are quite familiar and experienced with both of these treatments so we wanted to share some general information about them as well note a few research studies that have reported on the effectiveness of the serum drops versus artificial tears.  [Read more…]