Managing Your Personal Health Records for Effective Coordinated Care

A diagnosis of a serious or chronic illness brings with it a host of health-care appointments involving multiple specialists along with plenty of diagnostic tests, medications, surgical procedures, hospitalizations, and more. All of these complexities add up to an immense amount of data that can be important information for every health-care provider you consult throughout your health journey. [Read more…]

Mobile Apps for Health

Smartphones and mobile applicationsThe proliferation of mobile electronics and their corresponding applications have provided us fast and easy access to a vast quantity of information as well as functional tools to help manage our lives. As we celebrate the beginning of 2012 with resolutions to live healthier lifestyles, look no further than your mobile device for help in achieving those goals. [Read more…]

Evaluating the Accuracy of Health Information in the Media

With the plethora of health information disseminated in the media on a daily basis and searchable on the Internet with the click of a button, how do you discern what’s valuable and what’s not? When faced with a serious or chronic illness, the availability of trustworthy and accurate medical information is vital to understanding and managing your condition.

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Assistive Devices for Low-Vision

Businessman with magnifying glass reading small printEven with the best medical care and corrective lenses, some still need a little extra vision help to complete everyday activities or pursue favorite hobbies. If you are finding it difficult to engage in activities you once enjoyed or having trouble with reading or using the computer, it might be time to consider employing some extra help to make everyday life a bit easier and get back to doing things you used to enjoy before vision difficulties arose.  [Read more…]

Digital Tablets that Allow for Improved Reading with Low Vision

Doctor talking to patientA study conducted at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey scientifically concluded what many of us have already discovered: digital tablets increase speed and ease of reading in people with a moderate degree of vision loss. People who have suffered vision loss that cannot be fully remedied with corrective lenses or medical treatment are guided to use low-vision aids to enhance their remaining vision. In the past, lighted magnifiers or large-print books were among the few options to assist with reading. Today, new technologies are leading the way for those with low-vision to more fully engage in reading books, printed media, and on-line materials. We kept this fact in mind when designing the new BFS website which allows for font-size adjustment and is fully compatible with tablets and text-to-voice screen readers.

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Thankful for . . . Digital Tablets that Allow for Improved Reading with Low Vision

Another Thanksgiving has passed and no doubt we are all now stuffed with turkey and pumpkin pie, have shared time with close friends and family, and recounted our blessings and good fortunes. This past Thanksgiving one thing that struck me while preparing for the holiday was how thankful I was for technology. [Read more…]